Ode to Almond Milk

Posted February 10th, 2017

February is a month filled with expressions of love. To celebrate in February and beyond, California Almonds is sharing all the things to love about almonds, including a consumer favorite: almond milk. Consumers have many choices when it comes to their health preferences and needs.  We celebrate those choices with all the versatility almonds have to offer. As a special tribute to almond milk, we invite all to share their love by sharing this poem. Here’s to almond milk! 


Ode to Almond Milk

Almond milk, how I love thee!
You’re creamy, delicious and lactose-free.
In coffee, cereal, smoothie and shake
There’s hardly a limit to what you can make.

Vanilla, chocolate and even plain
I’ll drink you in the car or train.
You’re soy-, dairy- and animal-free
And no cholesterol -- perfect for me.

At breakfast in oatmeal, muffins and waffles
In desserts like cookies, pudding and truffles.
For lunch and for dinner in sauces and soup
You, almond milk, my needs sure do suit!

If unsweetened, no sugar and you’re low calorie
And easy on my tummy, so I’m worry free!
For many reasons – not meaning to boast,
But let’s raise a glass to the milk I love most!


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