Nitrogen Calculator


Using the in-season nutrient budget model developed under the leadership of Patrick Brown, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences, Almond Board has simplified the process of budgeting nitrogen with the Nitrogen Calculator. This is a free, easy-to-use online tool that calculates nitrogen fertilizer needs throughout the season. The calculator takes into consideration yield estimates, leaf sampling results and nitrogen that comes from other sources. The calculator stores data by orchard block, making updates easy as information changes. It’s also completely private — information is not shared with anyone.

The Nitrogen Calculator is available at the California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) website, Information is entered on orchard configuration and production, along with nitrogen credits from nitrates in irrigation water, cover crops, compost and other sources. Data from leaf sampling in April, or correlated predicted July numbers is also entered. The calculator then provides a total nitrogen fertilizer recommendation, along with recommended amounts by crop growth stage.

Data entered into the Nitrogen Calculator can be saved and updated as necessary. Budget components can be cloned and applied to other orchards or used in subsequent years. All almond growers can use the online model to create budgets, but must be participants in CASP for the data storage aspect, which saves the need to reenter all the data when revising budgets during the growing season. Data can be printed or displayed as a PDF file, or exported into a database.

Contact for questions regarding the Nitrogen Calculator.