Honey Bee Health


Supporting Honey Bee Health

Supporting Honey Bee Health

Almonds rely on honey bees for pollination, and the California Almond community recognizes the essential role bees play in sustaining the global food supply. Almond Board of California has invested more money in research into issues that affect the health of honey bees than any other U.S. commodity. The results of this research are being used to improve best management practices for both growers and beekeepers.

The Almond Board has invested in honey bee health research since 1995; in more recent years, the primary focus of this research has been healthy hives, which includes:

  • Improving honey bee nutrition;
  • Effective management of bee pests and diseases;
  • Improving honey bee breeding stock; and
  • Assessing impacts of pesticides used in almonds

The Almond Board, in collaboration with Project Apis m., USDA, the University of California, beekeeper organizations and other groups, has supported and continues to support research to develop best management practices in these areas for growers and beekeepers alike. A key goal is to ensure almond orchards continue to be a good, safe place for honey bees to forage — a place that keeps them healthy and where hives increase in size.

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