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Fueling Fitness Webinar Series

The Fueling Fitness Series is a four-episode snack-sized webinar series intended for fitness professionals hosted by Todd Durkin and the Almond Board of California.


Each episode includes interviews with different fitness industry leaders and candid discussion about overcoming issues facing the fitness industry. There are supporting handouts below each episode, so make sure to grab those as well.

Episode 1 - Fitness Business Best Practices with guest Travis Barnes

Episode overview: Todd and Travis discuss fitness business best practices for both the short-term as well as the long-term. Todd also shares his tried and true tips for building a business that is built to last, including creating a world-class culture, building and motivating a team, maximizing the customer and member experience, and creating a business that is profitable and delivers maximum impact.

Episode 2 - Lean into your Leadership with guest Andrew Simpson

Episode overview: A leader of one, a leader of many, if you can’t lead one, you can’t lead any. In this episode, Todd and Andrew dive into a deep discussion on leadership. This entails focusing on the hiring process, learning how to inspire your teams and clients, establishing your core values mission and vision, and how to be a purpose-driven business that creates massive positive impact. 

Episode 3 – Marketing and Branding Best Practices with guest Trina Gray

Episode overview: This episode teaches fitness professionals how to amplify their services, programs, and gifts so that they can scale their message and impact. Todd and Trina tackle common digital marketing and branding questions and solutions, including social media, podcasting, digital marketing, and more. Todd and Trina give their top tips on what they have done to create successful brick & mortar businesses as well as personal brands.

Episode 4 - How to Grow and Adapt Your Business in a Hybrid Setting with guest Jeff Bristol

Episode overview: Todd and Jeff explain how fitness professionals can train clients and members in the studio, club, or gym or simultaneously on-line via a live or on-demand platform. They showcase many opportunities to scale both business models immediately to reach new people, generate more revenue, and increase profit and impact.

For each episode you watch, you may apply for ACE Certification credits HERE. 

You can also get a free Fitness Tin Time Kit, while supplies last, by filling out the survey HERE.