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July 19-21, 2021

Visit the Almond Board of California (ABC) Supplier Suite at IFT FIRST on July 19-21, 2021! Here, registered IFT FIRST attendees can learn about the latest almond global new products data and look ahead to future opportunities with innovation, as well as access a variety of resources – like five new recipes and the 2020 Global New Products infographic – in the ABC Supplier Suite. Click the link below to find ABC at IFT FIRST.

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Why Visit the ABC Supplier Suite?

While we’ll miss being together in-person, registered IFT FIRST attendees can access a variety of resources in the ABC Supplier Suite, including:

  • The on-demand session, “Propelling Product Innovation from Mainstream to Next Level,” in which research chef Rob Corliss from All Things Epicurean and Director of Innovation Lu Ann Williams from Innova Market Insights will dig deeper into the 2020 almond global new products data and look ahead to future opportunities with product innovation.
  • Access to ABC experts to ask your almond questions about nutrition, sustainability and processing techniques.
  • Downloadable collateral including our 2020 Global New Products infographic.

Five future-forward almond formulations developed and showcased by Chef Rob, such as:

​​​​​All-Purpose Almond Umami Sauce

This creamy sauce, whose ingredients include almond butter, reishi mushroom powder, nutritional yeast, liquid aminos, and seasonings, has multiple functions and can be repurposed into a dip, dressing or even a mustard-type topping.

​​​​Almond Milk Elderberry Boost Juice:
​​​​Almond Milk Elderberry Boost Juice

This refreshing beverage blends together elderberry and raspberry flavors with unsweetened almond milk for a convenient boost of immunity-friendly antioxidants while on the go.

Garden Veggie Almond Snack Clusters:
Garden Veggie Almond Snack Clusters

These clusters combine roasted, flavored almonds in multiple forms alongside edamame and seasonings resulting in a premium flavor that pack a big crunch!

Harissa Apricot Almond Bars

The fruit and spice of the harissa apricot topping make the flavor of these chewy bars made with defatted almond flour really pop. The sliced and toasted almonds also give an added crunch to these delicious snack bars.  

​​​​​Vegan Almond Queso

Creamy almond butter, almond milk, cauliflower and roasted red bell pepper come together for a bold, plant-based queso that will be the perfect addition to an appetizer spread at a social event or for delightful, individual snacking with tortilla chips or vegetable crudité.

IFT FIRST attendees can further interact with ABC through 1:1 targeted 20-minute conversations through the Solution Exchange, July 19-23. Click here to learn more.

For More Information

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