Board of Directors Election 

The Board of Directors (BOD) is composed of ten members consisting of five growers and five handlers.  Each member has one alternate.  Four of the BOD seats are filled by the cooperative marketing group and four seats are filled by the independent group, each with two grower and two handler members.  The group receiving more than 50 percent of the crop is represented by an extra grower and handler member (swing members) of the BOD seats.  Members and alternates serve three-year staggered terms except for the swing members and alternates who serve one-year terms.  BOD members may serve for a total of six consecutive years.  Once a member has served for six years, he or she must step down for one year before becoming eligible to serve again. 

Currently, there are three independent grower members, three independent handler members, two cooperative grower members and two cooperative handler members. 

Members and alternates of the BOD are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture following an election for BOD nominees.  Any independent grower or handler can run for an open position on the BOD.  Independent Grower nominees must submit to ABC a complete grower petition signed by 15 verified growers supporting the nomination.  Independent Handler nominees must only submit a letter to ABC of his or her intent to run.  These documents must be submitted to ABC on or before January 20. 

Cooperative members are nominated through the Cooperative. 

Open independent positions for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors include: 

Independent Grower #1 – One-year term 

Independent Grower #2 – Three-year term 

Independent Handler #1 – One-year term 

The grower petition can be found here.