Create the Healthy Habits that Fuel Your Every Day with Superstar Athlete and Mom Kerri Walsh Jennings 

Beach 1_1x1.pngKerri Walsh Jennings is a renowned American professional beach volleyball player and an inspiration to women, men, boys and girls everywhere as the most decorated beach volleyball Olympian of all time. She trains hard… but breathes, believes and loves even harder! 

So how does someone train to become the most decorated beach volleyball player of all-time and still maintain a sense of normalcy in their day-to-day? Kerri Walsh Jennings will tell you it takes a whole lot of mental toughness, resilience and consistently committing to healthy habits fueled by natural energy from foods like almonds. Like all of us, she cannot afford to be thwarted off course by the curveballs life may spike at her. Whether she’s navigating the unpredictable ebbs and flows of life at home with three kids or curveballs in the heat of beach volleyball competition, she preserves her competitive yet composed state by grounding herself in the wellness routines that fuel her every day. California Almonds has teamed up with Kerri to share her best kept secrets to sustaining her energy, no matter what each day brings. 

Let’s face it – we can all learn a thing or two from the best of the best. 

“My body needs natural energy-boosting foods to perform my best during the day and radiate love and joy to my kiddos at night,” says Kerri. “It’s important to make good choices and do the best I can with the things I can control – from my workouts and stretches to the snacks my family and I enjoy together. For me, choosing almonds and almond milk as my go-tos throughout the day help keep me satiated and steady, no matter what my day looks like.”

Own Your Everyday Tips from Kerri Walsh Jennings

Kerri is a force of nature, balancing the insanely competitive spirit needed to compete at her level with her positive attitude and joyful personality. To accomplish her goals, she puts a huge focus on her routine and shares the philosophies she lives by.

1) Create Healthy Habits 

I’m a huge believer that we are our habits and we become what we’re surrounded by. That said, I work to stimulate healthy habits to positively affect my physical and mental state. As a prime example, I keep nutrient dense food like whole almonds, my custom-made trail mix and almond milk always on hand. With abundant healthy choices at home and on-the-go, it naturally becomes a habit to have better snack choices. 

0794_1X1 (1).jpg2) Prepare Nutritious Fuel with the People You Love Most

Eating the right foods to maintain high energy for my long days of volleyball drills and school drop-off is hugely important. I’ve learned over time that natural and nutritious food preparation is essential to face the challenges each day brings. Every week, I make an almond-based trail mix with my kids to spend quality time together and teach them the rad energy-boosting benefits of good snacking – after all, we are on the road to gold together! The trail mix provides us with ideal amounts of protein and fiber to feel our best and conquer our day-to-day, every day. 

3) Create a Vision of Success

My motto is: breath, believe, battle. Believing you can overcome a hurdle at work, at the gym, or in your personal life is crucial to overcoming it and inspiring others. I visualize my success and play it back in my mind every time my feet hit the sand. I envision myself in peak shape; spiking and diving my way to gold. My vision helps inspire my partner, my team and the people around me. Got a big presentation in the morning? Picture yourself nailing it! Do you dread coaxing your child to try a new healthy food? Visualize how you’ll teach them to love it! Whether it’s for yourself, your team at the office or your loved ones at home, once you create a vision of success, you can figure out exactly how to achieve it. 

4) Move Your Body in Ways that are Challenging and Fun

Our bodies are capable of amazing things when they are nourished adequately with energy-rich foods like almonds and fruit. When I’m properly fueled, I like to push myself out of my comfort zone and embrace diversity in my workouts to make sure my body sustains excellence. As I prepare for competition, I am committed to showing up for three gnarly hours of beach volleyball practice a day, Pilates three times a week, and cross training twice a week. I love it because I keep it fun with the people I care about around me and I take plenty of snack breaks.

5) Engage in Self Care, Daily!

I wouldn’t be where I am today without generous amounts of self-love and self-care. To me, this means getting a good night’s sleep, meditating when I wake up, maintaining my hydration and nutrition throughout the day, and moving my body. I am mindful of eating natural foods that provide me with the sustenance I need. I spend hours stretching to keep my body limber and resilient and ready to go for the gold. My day always ends with a moment of gratitude. Self-care is the key to remaining agile and strong to care for my family, performing at a sky-high level, and helping others achieve greatness. 

Snacks to Fuel Your Everyday by Kerri Walsh Jennings

To fuel her long days of beach volleyball drills and strength training, Kerri needs a high energy snack that’s easy to digest on the way back from carpool or between sets.

Kerri’s Winning Trail Mix

There’s no replacement for the signature trail mix Kerri always keeps on hand. It’s a delicious mix of ingredients with high-protein and dietary fiber is guaranteed to keep you fueled for a life on-the-go, anywhere you go!

Ingredients: almonds, tart cherries, dark chocolate or carob chips, dried apple

Makes 3 1/4 cups (13 servings)

2 cup all-natural almonds
1/2 cup tart dried cherries, pitted
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips or carob chips
1/2 cup dried apple pieces

Combine ingredients in a large-sized bowl and gently toss! Keeps well in an airtight container or bag.

turmeric 5.jpgGolden Hour Gold Milk

A good sleep is a key part of Kerri’s routine. Get serious about your sleep and enjoy the calming properties in this golden drink that promotes both sleeping and muscle relaxation.

Ingredients: almond milk, turmeric, honey, cinnamon




Makes 8 ounces (1 serving)

8 ounces unsweetened, plain almond milk
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1 tablespoon liquid coconut oil
1 pinch ground black pepper
1 tablespoon honey (or another sweetener to taste)
1 pinch ground cinnamon
Add almond milk, turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, black pepper and cinnamon to a small, stovetop pan and whisk to combine ingredients. Heat on low heat for 3 minutes until warm but not boiling and stir frequently. Turn off heat and stir in honey to stovetop pan mixture. Once stirred, pour into a mug and serve immediately. Add additional sweetener or cinnamon if preferred. To consume while at work or on-the-go, pour the beverage into a microwavable travel mug, reheat in the microwave for 30 seconds until warm, and enjoy!

protein balls 2.jpgHoney Almond Energy Balls (no-bake)

Nutty, rich and super delish! These almond butter bites not only taste sweet but have natural ingredients that will keep you energized and satisfied.

Ingredients: almond butter, rolled oats, dark chocolate chips or carob chips, coconut flakes, cranberries (can add choice of dried fruit such as prunes or dark cherries)



Makes about 30 balls

1/2 cup natural almond butter 
1/2 cup almonds, chopped
1 cup old-fashioned, rolled oats 
1/3 cup honey 
3 tablespoons dark chocolate chips or carob chips
1/4 coconut flakes 
1/4 dried cranberries, prunes or tart dried cherries (pitted)
In a medium bowl, combine the oats, chocolate chips, and almonds and mix well. Add the honey, dried cherries, coconut flakes and almond butter, and stir all ingredients until the mix is evenly distributed. Cover the mixing bowl and leave in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes. Then roll the mixture into rounded 1” balls and place on parchment paper lined baking sheet. Cover and place in refrigerator for 2 hours to chill. Serve! (Will last refrigerated for about 5 days!)