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California almonds

Whether your wellness is going on a walk, laughing with friends, or reading a book, almonds - like a good friend - will always tag along. Read More

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Super-Powered Partnership: California Almonds and Marvel Studios
Health & Wellness
Decades of Research Spotlight Almonds’ Heart Health Benefits
Food Inspiration, Health & Wellness
The “It” Factors Behind Consumers’ Preferred Plant-Based Milk
Health & Wellness
Almonds and Blood Sugar: The Research

The nutrient profile of almonds makes them a natural choice for researchers looking at foods and dietary patterns that might support healthy blood glucose levels.

Food Inspiration, Own It
Serve up Pinterest-worthy treats this holiday season
Food Inspiration, Health & Wellness
The Nutritious Power of Almonds

Nutrition Appeal: Add the Healthy Halo of Almonds to Snack Products