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Orchard Management

The orchard is where it all begins. We’ve compiled all the information you need to apply Good Agricultural Practices, optimize your irrigation and pollination, guide you through your harvest, and help you keep tabs on your soil health. And we’ve compiled a section for new growers to get your almond orchard off the ground.

Food Safety for Growers (GAPs)

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) provide guidelines to California Almond growers to address potential sources of contamination.

Water & Irrigation

Our Irrigation Continuum guidebook and video series are invaluable tools to achieve optimal almond production.

Soil Health & Nutrients

From salinity and toxicities to nitrogen and nutrients, keeping an eye on your soil is an important step in maintaining a healthy orchard.


Dependent on the honey bee, a successful bloom period is critical for determining a strong yield and healthy almond crop.

Crop Protection

The successful management of almond orchard pests is critical to protect the quality and yield of California Almonds.


Good harvesting techniques and post-harvest handling and stockpiling are keys to determining maximum yield, marketability, and profit.

Crop Development

Are you new to the almond industry? We have tips for tree and variety selection and other information to get you growing in no time.

Regulatory & Trade

Shipping to more than 100 countries around the world calls for a dedicated focus on trade issues and strong relationships with key partners.