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Processors & Suppliers

Our processors and suppliers are an important part of the chain, getting almonds prepared and distributed from the growers to the consumers. For information about trade and regulations, visit our Tools & Resources section.

Supplier & Exporter List

Find a supplier or exporter for about any almond product you can think of from shelled bulk to almond paste.

Industry Directory

Search our extensive database of almond professionals to find what you need at your fingertips, from beekeepers and governmental organisation contacts.

Processing Safe Product

Find information on how to make sure your almonds are safe: Pasteurization, FSMA, GMPS, stockpiling, PEM, HACCP & CCP, aflatoxin, allergen controls, and pesticide MRLs.

Standards & Grades

Descriptions and photos outlining USDA grading parameters for both shelled and unshelled almonds.

Varieties & Forms

Let us guide you through the most common California almond types and varieties, and the various processed forms they can take.

Regulatory & Trade

Shipping to more than 100 countries around the world calls for a dedicated focus on trade issues and strong relationships with key partners.