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California almonds

Why Almonds are a Perfect Exercise Food to Keep You Prime

Health & Wellness
Almonds and Blood Sugar: The Research

The nutrient profile of almonds makes them a natural choice for researchers looking at foods and dietary patterns that might support healthy blood glucose levels.

Food Inspiration, Health & Wellness
The Nutritious Power of Almonds

Nutrition Appeal: Add the Healthy Halo of Almonds to Snack Products

Health & Wellness
Wrinkle Study: When it comes to natural beauty, almonds fit right in.
Food Inspiration
Almonds & Chocolate: Hitting the Sweet and Savory Spots

Consumers’ top three texture choices in chocolate are “smooth,” “crunchy” and “creamy.” Bolster chocolate’s indulgence factor and expand flavor profiles with more than 15 versatile forms ranging from almond butter to whole roasted almonds.

Health & Wellness
Dietitian E-News: Achieve New Year's Wellness Resolutions with Almonds
Food Inspiration
Everything You Get with a Handful of Almonds: Climate-Smart Farming and Nutrition

How Is Almond Farming Sustainable? Dive into how almonds fit into simple, sustainable lifestyles as a responsible grown food and ingredient.