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California almonds

Why Almonds are a Perfect Exercise Food to Keep You Prime

Health & Wellness
Dietitian E-News: Achieve New Year's Wellness Resolutions with Almonds
Food Inspiration
Everything You Get with a Handful of Almonds: Climate-Smart Farming and Nutrition

How Is Almond Farming Sustainable? Dive into how almonds fit into simple, sustainable lifestyles as a responsible grown food and ingredient.

Events, Food Inspiration
Join Us at FNCE 2023!
The Sustainability Value in California Almonds
Food Inspiration
Student Competition Inspires Next-Generation Almond Snack Products

Participants utilized the benefits of almonds to develop forward-thinking snack products, and the results are in!

Food Inspiration
Up-and-Coming Food Manufacturers Propel Innovation with Almonds

Where there’s innovation, there’s almonds! How almonds—and the Almond Board of California—can support innovative product development.