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The Future of Chocolate Innovation with Almonds

With ever-changing trends impacting confectionery development, the chocolate sector has what it takes to address market demand: almonds.


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Functional Ingredient: Utilizing California Almonds in Chocolate Products

From consumer to sensory and shelf-stability research, the Almond Board of California has the latest on why almonds are an ideal ingredient in chocolate product innovation.

Clean-label and natural products are key trends impacting innovative development. To increase product appeal to health and wellness-focused consumers, manufacturers are including almonds with chocolate, tapping into almonds’ natural and nutritious qualities. 

  • Almonds can lend a healthy halo to chocolate products. In all forms, California almonds can help deliver holistic “better-for-you” claims as they are a natural ingredient and nutritional powerhouses. According to the Innova Global New Products Report on 2021 launches, introductions with almonds lead to a higher likelihood of health claims. Following trends and consumer demands for clean label products, the top claims used on packaging of products with almonds worldwide were “gluten-free” (21 percent) and “no additives/preservatives” (16 percent).1

California almonds and chocolate are a craveable combination, but how can manufacturers ensure they are using the right formulations to prioritize both delicious consumer appeal and shelf life? Maximizing almond flavor through roasting and understanding almond quality preservation techniques, including packaging, will allow product manufacturers to develop high-quality and long-lasting products.

  • To better understand how the shelf life of various chocolate confections containing almond ingredients performed regarding the presence or absence of bloom and overall sensory acceptance, three experiments were conducted in conjunction with the Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association (PMCA). These new studies found that to minimize or mitigate issues when formulating, confectioners should carefully consider the almond form, the way it has been processed, as well as the chocolate mass itself in order to ensure a high-quality consumer experience.

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Almonds in Action

Texture is emerging as a promising way to craft unique products that pique consumers’ interest and strike a balance between nutrition and indulgence. Manufacturers can utilize multiple forms of almonds to create texture within chocolate products. In partnership with the Almond Board of California, Chocolatier Angela Borah developed recipes showcasing various textural experiences, from flakey to frothy.

Almond Milk Horchata Bar

This chocolate bar proves plant-based products don’t lack an indulgent mouthfeel. A vegan chocolate ganache uses almond milk for creaminess and frothiness.

Almond and Peach Tart Bonbon

Almond paste’s creamy consistency boosts this bonbon, contributing a smooth and refined texture.

Almond Halva and Sesame Ganache Bar

Almonds elevate chocolate bars with more than a depth of flavor. This chocolate bar features halva and almond sablé using blanched almonds to develop unexpected flakey and crumbly textures.

Craving More Crunch?

Register now for a free webinar on March 29th to hear Lu Ann Williams of Innova Market Insights and Chocolatier Angela Borah discuss how to redefine the value of confectionery products. As consumers look to maximize the value of purchases, manufacturers must consider the motivations that will solidify chocolate products as a permissible indulgence. From new taste and texture experiences to personal wellbeing and planetary health, confectionery product development can answer consumer needs using almond ingredients: 

  • Almonds remain the number one ingredient in surveyed global consumers’ ideal chocolate products. Almonds outperformed all nuts in nine of ten key benefits consumers feel add to chocolate, including higher quality and more natural, indulgent, and satisfying.1 
  • Nuts can provide even more snacking relevancy for chocolate. For nearly 80% of chocolate snackers reporting chocolate is either their #1 go-to snack or one of their top choices, nuts can increase the snack appeal of chocolate.

Join to learn more about chocolate category and consumer data, informed tips on ingredient selection and application, and more to build a future for chocolate. 

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1 Innova Market Insights, 2021 Global New Product Introductions Report, May 2022.