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Recap: The Almond Board of California Attended IFT FIRST 2023!

The Almond Board of California (ABC) was happy to attend the IFT First Annual Event and Expo from July 16 – 19, 2023 in Chicago!


Visitors who stopped by the ABC booth (#S1111) on the expo floor tasted four innovative almond recipes, including the winning recipe concepts from ABC and Drexel University’s first-ever student competition, spoke with ABC experts about the latest almond trends and news, browsed the latest almond resources, and took an interactive quiz!


Four Innovative Almond Samples Sampled at IFT

ABC's Culinary Consultant Chef Henry Hill  developed three innovative almond recipes for the three days of IFT! They were available at booth #S1111 each day at noon to sample, starting with an Almond-Stuffed Sundae Taco and followed by Cereal-liciously Crispy Almond Chips and a Sippin’ Sunshine Yogurt Drink.

On Tuesday, July 18 from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., ABC was excited to showcase Gra-Nutty Cookie Dough Cones, an exclusive sample inspired by the winning concepts of the first-ever ABC and Drexel University student competition! This year’s winners were onsite to  discuss their product development process.

Almond-Stuffed Sundae Taco

These tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays — this soft serve sundae is packed with almond ingredients, offering a treat to satisfy temptations any day of the week. Almond flour batter is pressed into a mini taco-shaped shell, filled with almond milk soft serve and topped with roasted candied almonds, almond butter caramel and almond butter chocolate sauce for an indulgent two-bite taco sundae you’re sure to savor.

Cereal-liciously Crispy Almond Chips

These colorful chips deliver nostalgia by the handful. Almond flour dough is rolled through a sheeter, baked to a crisp and drizzled with playful zigzags of pandan, goji berry and blueberry spirulina almond milk icing.

Sippin’ Sunshine Yogurt Drink

This sippable, plant-based yogurt drink is a tantalizing fusion of flavors and textures. Turmeric, saffron and defatted almond flour blended into almond milk yogurt create an aromatic and invigorating beverage. Popping boba pearls add a burst of flavor and brightness.

Gra-Nutty Cookie Dough Cone

These bite-sized cones combine the best of both indulgence and convenience and are inspired by top entries to the Almond Board of California’s 2023 student competition with Drexel University students. Almonds and oats unite to form a wholesome and sweet but satiating cookie dough bite that’s used to top a mini waffle cone filled with almond-flavored cream.

Interactive Quiz: What Almond Form are You?

Did you know that almonds are available in more forms than any other tree nut? With 14 almond forms to choose from, food professionals can incorporate almonds into new formats being developed to uniquely build flavor and texture while complementing other ingredients. 

In this interactive quiz that ABC offered at its IFT booth, you can find out what almond form you are - almond milk, almond flour, whole almonds, almond oil, or almond butter - and to learn more about your form.

Take the quiz here.

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