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Almond growers and beekeepers are responsible for creating an environment that allows honey bees to do what almond trees need most — pollinate. 

As part of an ongoing commitment to honey bee health, the Almond Board of California developed a comprehensive set of Honey Bee Best Management Practices (BMPs) for California’s almond industry. Developed with input from the almond community, beekeepers, researchers, UC Davis, California and U.S. regulators, and chemical registrants, the Honey Bee BMPs represent the Almond Board’s most extensive educational documents to date to ensure that almond orchards remain a safe and healthy place for honey bees. This resource lays out simple, practical steps that almond growers, together with beekeepers and other pollination stakeholders, can take to protect and promote bee health on in and around their orchards, and in their surrounding community.

Learn more about the Honey Bee BMPs at Almonds.com/Pollination


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