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Almonds Have Heart

Almonds heart-smart benefits are good news for just about everyone; especially since cardiovascular disease holds the spot as the leading cause of death among men and women in the U.S.

  • California Almonds are cholesterol-free, have only 1 gram of saturated fat, and have 13 grams of unsaturated fat per one ounce serving.
  • But there’s more, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, “Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.” U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend that the majority of your fat intake be unsaturated. One serving of almonds (28 grams, or about 23 almonds) has 13 grams of unsaturated fat and only 1 gram of saturated fat.
  • You can look forward to having a little help in the grocery aisles because the American Heart Association® has certified whole almonds to display the sought-after Heart-Check mark. Now it’s easy for everyone out there to identify almonds as a heart-smart option.i

What's the Plan? The PEP.

In its simplest terms, the Portfolio Eating Plan (PEP) is a dietary approach to helping your clients manage their cholesterol levels. It all started with a team of researchers at the University of Toronto that revealed groundbreaking findings that led to the development of the plan, an option you may want to consider for your clients with high cholesterol. Pretty exciting stuff, and here’s the kicker: the PEP includes—yep, you guessed it—approximately one ounce of crunchy almonds a day.

To learn more about the PEP and see what foods are included in the plan, click here.



i All certified nuts, including salted varieties, must meet the American Heart Association’s® nutritional requirements which include a limit of 140mg or less of sodium per label serving size. Please note that the Heart-Check Food Certification does not apply to hyperlinks, recipes, or research unless expressly stated. For more information, see the American Heart Association’s® nutrition guidelines at heartcheck.org. American Heart Association® and the Heart-Check Mark are registered trademarks of the American Heart Association®.