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This Almond Day, Nothing Pairs Better Than Almonds and Emojis

Bring more crunch to your keyboard on February 16 by signing the Almond Emoji petition and enjoy perfect almond pairings from registered dietitians Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez


Wendy and Jess MODESTO, Calif. – On Saturday, February 16, almond lovers will crunch into their favorite heart-healthy snack in celebration of Almond Day. Almonds provide a winning combination of six grams of protein and four grams of fiber in one serving, ensuring that anyone can own their day—no matter if it involves running to the gym or munching between meals. Although tiny, this snack packs such a powerful punch that it’s time to give this plant-based powerhouse what it rightfully deserves—its very own Almond Emoji.   

To give almond lovers a way to transcend language barriers, California Almonds created an Almond Emoji petition, just in time for Almond Day, that allows almond fans to band together to show their love for this indispensable snack. By signing their names on the petition, almond lovers can join the thousands of individuals who have already pledged their support for an Almond Emoji.

Almonds and emojis are the all-star pair this Almond Day, and no one knows perfect pairings better than registered dietitian duo Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez of Food Heaven Made Easy. From almonds and dark chocolate to their favorite strawberry, whipped cream and almond dessert, Jones and Lopez have created five amazing pairings that everyone will enjoy crunching on this Almond Day while pledging their support for the Almond Emoji. 

“We love almonds because they’re the perfect combination of great nutrition and incredible taste,” said Jones. “In addition to their protein, fiber, calcium and Vitamin E, they’re also a versatile, shelf-stable food that can be thrown in a bag or purse for easy snacking while on the go,” said Lopez. “This incredible snack deserves its own Almond Emoji for Almond Day!”

California Almonds’ social media fans can spread the word and share the love for their favorite snack this Almond Day by using the hashtag #AlmondEmoji. For snack ideas, nutrition information and the Almond Emoji petition, visit    

About Jessica Jones, R.D. and Wendy Lopez, R.D.

Jessica Jones, M.S., RDN, CDE and Wendy Lopez, M.S., RDN, CDE are Registered Dietitian

Nutritionists, Certified Diabetes Educators and co-founders of Food Heaven Made Easy

(@foodheavenshow), a one-stop shop for delicious and nutritious living with over 145,000

followers from around the globe. Named New & Noteworthy by iTunes, their popular Food

Heaven Podcast provides evidence-based practical nutrition guidance listeners can trust. The

dynamic duo also co-authored the 28-Day Plant-Powered Health Reboot in 2017, a

mouthwatering cookbook that helps people upgrade their diet with delicious recipes. Through

their platform, Wendy & Jess work with national brands such as Quaker Oats, Sunsweet, The

Almond Board of California, Mighties Kiwi, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, and other

brands, to develop plant-based recipes and curated multimedia content.

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