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Crunch into Spring Cleaning with Home Renovation Experts Ashley and Andy Williams

This dynamic duo offers the inspiration and insight needed to transform any space into a place to own your everyday, every day


MODESTO, Calif. – March is here, so spring cleaning and home reorganization are at the top of many to-do lists. But juggling strict work schedules and the kids’ after-school activities make it tough to focus on creating the perfect space to own it. And let’s face it – after a long day, you don’t have the energy to get to work on a reno project once the kitchen’s clean and the kids are in bed. Home renovation and design experts Ashley and Andy Williams understand the challenge of owning their everyday as they balance flipping homes and raising a family. This dynamic duo has partnered with California Almonds to share their secrets to owning it — whether it’s closing a real estate deal, handling the morning school drop-off or a daunting to-do list.

“As a busy parent and entrepreneur, my days are filled with meetings, deadlines and after-school activities,” said Ashley Williams. “It’s important for Andy and I to keep our energy levels high so we can own it—and help individuals create spaces that allow them to do the same. I always need portable snacks like almonds that I can take with me in a purse or briefcase to munch on as I review a blueprint or remodel a workspace.”

Ashley and Andy agree that a functional and organized workspace is key to owning your day. This spring, the pair recommends transforming a home office space into an ‘Own It’ space by painting one wall with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint is an easy way to transform a to-do list into a colorful reminder of all the ways to own your everyday. In addition to chalkboard paint, the duo loves incorporating vibrant colors like red and yellow into a workspace to inspire and motivate. Since it’s hard to stay motivated on an empty stomach, the couple suggests incorporating fun containers filled with healthy snacks like almonds in an ‘Own It’ space to ensure maximum productivity.

Whether organizing a single room or remodeling an entire home, Ashley and Andy prioritize smart snacking to remain energized throughout the day. The couple recommends filling a baggie with snacks like almonds and dried fruit to put in a car cup holder or purse to avoid dreaded midday hunger pangs. Ashley and Andy also keep their focus by fitting exercise into their routines, even if it’s simply a quick lunchtime walk.

“We’re incredibly passionate about creating spaces that allow individuals to be their best selves, but we can’t succeed if we’re not properly fueled at every step of the process,” said Andy Williams. “By incorporating an easy snack like almonds into our daily routine, we have the energy needed to face any challenge and own our days with a positive attitude.”    

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About Ashley and Andy Williams  

Ashley and Andy Williams are military veterans living in Fort Worth, Texas. Ashley served two combat tours in Iraq where she met Andy, a Marine, who was working in High Threat Diplomatic Protection. Andy, a licensed real estate agent, expert real estate investor and social entrepreneur, leveraged real estate to successfully transition from military to civilian life. The couple married and continued to build their real estate portfolio while continuing to serve in Baghdad. After settling in Fort Worth, Ashley and Andy started their family and embarked on a mission to change the conversation on military transition with their public benefit corporation Recon Realty. They are committed to adding value to communities, creating jobs for veterans and giving distressed homes a second chance as they continue to serve.


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