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Feedfeed Founder Julie Resnick Creates Easy and Delicious Dairy-Free Recipes for Weekday Meal Prep and Warm-Weather Entertaining

Resnick’s recipes utilize versatile almond milk in partnership with California Almonds


Modesto, Calif. – Julie Resnick, founder of the media company Feedfeed and the popular @thefeedfeed Instagram community, partnered with California Almonds to put a spin on common recipes using almond milk as an ingredient. Almond milk is often used in coffee, cereal and oatmeal, so with her recipes Julie sought to share new ways to use the almond milk many people already have in their kitchen. Creamy almond milk is a tasty and versatile ingredient to incorporate into soups, desserts, sauces, baked goods, beverages and more, particularly for those seeking an alternative to dairy for their weekly meals and entertaining needs in the warmer months.

From breakfast to dessert, Julie’s recipes showcase how easy it is to create simple but show-stopping dishes using pantry staples like almond milk. Almond milk provides a subtle, nutty flavor that complements other ingredients, and like almond milk, each recipe is a fit for a variety of diets, including plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free and even vegan:

The partnership with Julie and @thefeedfeed followed a successful almond milk crowdsourced recipe campaign hosted by California Almonds. “Here at the Almond Board of California, we are always looking for new ways to inspire consumers to enjoy almonds,” says Becky Jeffers, manager, North America marketing at the Almond Board of California. “Our partnership with Julie and her team at the Feedfeed has helped us inspire at-home cooks, bloggers and all-around food enthusiasts to try almond milk in new and exciting ways.”

Vanilla Almond Milk Pancakes.jpg
Vanilla Almond Milk Pancakes

In addition to the recipes, California Almonds and @thefeedfeed hosted an Instagram contest encouraging the Feedfeed community to create and share their own almond milk recipes. To date, nearly 700 recipes have been submitted and the winning recipes have included hot chocolate, flavored almond milks and overnight oats. To discover these recipes and more, follow the Instagram hashtag #almondmilkallways.

"Almond milk is one of my go-to kitchen staples and I love exploring new ways to incorporate it in my favorite dishes both sweet and savory,” says Julie Resnick. “Its light creamy texture and delicious flavor make it an ideal addition to so many recipes. We hope these recipes help inspire uses of almond milk in day-to-day cooking and baking."

Almond milk is a low-carbohydrate and low-sugar option, with unsweetened varieties offering as few as 30 calories and zero grams of sugar. With no saturated fat or cholesterol, almond milk is a fit for many diets and dietary restrictions and can be swapped for dairy in recipes for those seeking an alternative.

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