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Level Up Your Self-Care Routine with Almonds


almonds in bowl

Registered dietitian, nutritionist & food blogger Marisa Moore, shares the best ways to feed the relationship with yourself!

MODESTO, Calif., — Say goodbye to burnout and stress, and hello to your new and improved self-care routine with California Almonds. National Almond Day is the perfect time to start a new healthy habit,  such as fueling up on a handful of almonds and taking a walk around the block once a day, helping you become your best you. Whether you’re gearing up to crush a workout or simply crossing items off your to do list, just a handful of nutrient-dense almonds provides the natural fuel you need to level up your wellness routine on the reg’. Don’t forget that being the best version of yourself, starts with you!

Need some inspiration? California Almonds teamed up with registered dietitian Marisa Moore to give you just that: Marisa has five simple tips to help you practice self-love and feed the relationship with yourself. Almonds can be the tastiest part of achieving your personal holistic health goals. So go ahead and jump-start a new day with the crunch power of almonds by your side.

  • Take a day off – you deserve it! Can’t catch a flight? Use the AllTrails app to find a hiking trail and bring a bag of almonds for energy.
  • Opt for sweet AND satisfying when your sweet tooth calls. When you want something a little sweet but also satisfying, snack on cinnamon or cocoa-dusted almonds. The slightly sweet, crunchy almonds delivers a dose of great nutrients in every serving to keep you feeling energized and full - two keys to a satisfying snack.
  • Do something you enjoy every day. Whether that’s journaling, painting, dancing, or watching your favorite TV show (but you get extra points if this activity gets you up and moving!).
  • Don’t skimp on fueling up in the a.m.! We’re all busy - from back-to-back Zoom calls to caring for loved ones - so don’t forget to fuel yourself in the morning. Easy go-to’s to make include almond energy bites or baking whole almonds into homemade granola. Almonds’ power-packed nutrition makes it easy to snack healthy - just one ounce (one handful) delivers 6 grams of natural, plant-based protein, 4 grams of filling fiber and 13 grams of unsaturated, good fats.
  • Choose snacks that do double duty. Almonds are so versatile. Crunch on whole almonds as a snack, make a creamy, almond butter-based dip or sip a frosty almond milk smoothie! In addition to the great nutrients and taste that almonds provide, there’s even more reason to crunch on: a recent pilot study examined the link between whole almonds and wrinkle reduction.

"With 13 grams of good, monounsaturated fats and 6 grams of plant-based protein in every serving, crunching on almonds is a nutritious snack option to sustain my energy levels anytime and anywhere,” said registered dietitian Marisa Moore. “I recommend almonds for my clients who are constantly busy and looking for energizing and satiating snacks to keep them going because they’re nutritious, taste great and are easy to pack ahead or incorporate into my favorite recipes.”

There are so many delicious and creative ways to infuse almonds into self-care and wellness routines, whether you’re enjoying a handful of almonds on-the-go, or taste-testing new recipes in the kitchen with pantry basics like almond milk, almond butter, or almond flour. Enjoy almonds on their own or as part of a yummy snack – they’re versatile and will help you to jumpstart your day, no matter what the situation or time.

California Almonds invites you to learn even more about just how almonds can help feed your relationship with yourself with the #16DaysOfAlmonds on Twitter and Instagram, which were shared each day leading up to National Almond Day.

You can also find tasty, easy-to-make recipes and additional tips on creating healthy habits by visiting

About Marisa Moore, R.D.

Marisa is a nationally recognized registered dietitian-nutritionist and communications and culinary nutrition expert based in Atlanta. Her integrative and practical approach to wellness and simple recipes coupled with science-based nutrition advice is regularly featured in leading media outlets including CNN, Women’s Health, Prevention, and many more. She is a consultant to food and nutrition companies, contributing editor for Food & Nutrition Magazine, and contributor to People magazine, U.S. News & World Report, EatingWell, and others.

Before launching her consultancy, Marisa worked as an outpatient dietitian, corporate nutritionist for a restaurant chain, and managed the employee worksite nutrition program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She now spends her days doing a variety of work in front of and behind the camera as a media dietitian and content creator at

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