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Almond Conference

Each December, the Almond Board of California (ABC) hosts the premier almond industry event, The Almond Conference. The conference provides opportunities for growers and processors to interact with researchers and influential industry members on industry research, production news and regulatory issues. The three-day conference also features workshops and research updates, as well as presentations on global marketing programs. As the top industry event, the Conference delivers groundbreaking information and innovative solutions to the attendees — key trends that keep almonds at the forefront of the global food industry.


Join the Journey – The Almond Conference 2020

The Almond Board hosted  The Almond Conference 2020 in a virtual conference setting December 8-10, 2020. 

View presentations from past conferences below and see for yourself how the information shared at The Almond Conference continues to benefit the almond industry year after year.

Recordings of all sessions from Conference will be posted to The Almond Conference 2020 YouTube playlist. To view the playlist, click here

To view the 2020 Industry Directory, click here

And be sure to save the date for The Almond Conference 2021 - Dec. 7-9. 

2019 Almond Conference Presentations

The ABCs of ABC 

How to Deal with Rejection

Journey Toward Off-Ground Harvest 

Almond Orchard 2025 Goals: The Roadmap to Success

Tariffs and Trade: Chaos Theory on a Global Level! 

Research Update: Reaching Potential and Sustainable Yields 

State of the Industry 

ABC Global Market Development: by the Numbers 

Research Update: Nutrient Management 

Almond Production Estimates: Nuts and Bolts of Different Models 

Why Does My Handler Want Me to Participate in the California Almond Sustainability Program?

Bees: What’s New in Pollination?

Sorting for Aflatoxin: The Needle in the Haystack 

China: Driving Long-Term Growth 

New and Expanding Plant Diseases: Hull Rot and Ganoderma

Almond Food Safety: Past, Present and Future 

Europe: Playing a Pivotal Role in Almonds’ Future 

Alternatives for Managing Replant Pests and Problematic Weeds

Sterile Insect Control of Navel Orangeworm 

India: Strong Today, Stronger Tomorrow 

Could Cover Crops or Whole Orchard Recycling Help with Orchard Management? 

Incentive Assistance: Help Applying for Grants That Fund On-Farm Practices 

South Korea and Japan: Almonds Make Life Beautiful 

Pest Management Considerations in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment

Latest and Greatest Commercial Uses of Woody Almond Biomass 

North America: Beyond the Selfie: How Social Media Grows California Almond Sales 

SGMA and Recharge: How to Make Lemonade Out of Groundwater Regulation 

More Almond Hulls for California Dairy Cows?

Advocacy Update: Sacramento and D.C. 

Research Update: How Much and When to Irrigate

2018 Almond Conference Presentations

Almond Varieties: Production and Quality Attributes – Lessons Learned and the Path Forward from the Commercial Perspective

Speed Talks - Pollination and Bee Health

Handler University

Speed Talks - Nutrient, Salinity and Soil Health

Almond Breeding - Is there a Role for New Genetic Technologies

FSMA Scorecard - How Does Your Operation Stack Up

Almonds in the Global Marketplace

Managing Nutrients and Salt Under Current Water Quality Regulations

What’s Happening in D.C.?

The Almond Aflatoxin Menace - Addressing it Head On

Sustainability - Aligning with Food Manufactures Need for the Future

Almond Sustainability - Join the Journey

What will California's Change in Leadership Mean for the Almond Industry

Maximizing Almond Quality and Shelf Life  

Innovating Almonds for New Plant Protein Innovations

State of the Industry

Almond Orchard 2025 - Efficient Water Use

Almond Pasteurization - Landscape of Technologies and Equipment, Part 1

The Global Trade Environment - More Than Just Tariffs

More Crop Per Drop

Growing Organic - Panel Update on Practices and Certification

Almond Pasteurization - Landscape of Technologies and Equipment, Part 2

India - The Strength Within

Irrigation Technology Evolution - Down to Earth, Down to the Roots

Speed Talks - Orchard Management

Almond Orchard 2025 - Zero Waste

China - Turning a Challenge into an Opportunity

Almond Orchard 2025: Responsible Pest Management

Speed Talks Irrigation Management

Application and Production of Black Carbon from Almond Shells

"Own Your Everyday" and "Ponte Almendra" New Consumer Campaigns and Progress in North America

IPM Tools You Can Use

Speed Talks Rootstocks and Varieties

Optimizing Almond Hulls for Dairy, Poultry and Insect Feedstocks in the U.S. and Abroad

Europe Inspiring Global Trends and Cracking Almond Innovation

Almond Orchard 2025: Reducing Dust at Harvest

IPM Demonstration Project

Speed Talks: Pest Management

Korea and Japan Beautiful Almonds

Harvest Dust What Can Be Done

2017 Almond Conference Presentations

Almond Biomass: The Real, Weird and Wonderful Opportunities for Greater Utilization

Cracking the Human Resources Nut: Tackling the Most Pressing Employment Law Challenges

Almond Characteristics and Technology Considerations for Continuous Inactivation During Dry Roasting

What You Should Consider Before You Grow

The Update from Our Friends from Down Under: What’s Truly Applicable to California

Investing Across the Globe

The Almond Food Safety Plan: Teaching Example for FSMA Preventive Controls

Common Errors in Orchard Set Up

The Science and Practice of Intentional Recharge in Almond Orchards

Repositioning Plant-Based Protein

Produce Safety Rule for Farms: How to Comply and What About the Grower Exemption

How to Manage a Young Orchard

Research Update: Soil Health, Aerial Almond Mapping and Almond Lifecyle Assessment

Come See What’s Happening in D.C.!

Technology in the Food Safety World: Tools Such as Whole Genome Sequencing – Friend or Foe?

State of the Industry

The California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) and Irrigation Improvement Continuum – Why it’s Relevant to You!

Research Update: Variety and Rootstock Studies

A New Consumer Campaign and More Focus on Almond Milk: Updates from the North American Market

Food Safety Outbreaks: Tough Lessons Learned

Tools for Better Irrigation

Research Update: Growing and Harvesting

Going Nuts for Beauty: From California to China

Sensory and Analytical: Where Science Meets Art

What’s New in Almond Tree Nutrition and Regulation?

Research Update: Irrigation and Harvest

Europeans’ Appetite for Almonds Endures and Grows

Maximizing Shelf Life

Committed to Healthy Hives in the Field

Research Update: Pest Management and Pollination

Exploring the Korean Wave

Sustainability and Supply Chains: Leveraging CASP Participation

Insect Pest Management Update

ABC Partners Addressing Bee Health

India: Celebrating Traditions

Surveying the Legal Risk Landscape

Disease and Aflatoxin Management Update

Organic: It’s More Than a Label

What is Next on California’s Legislative Agenda?

The Almond Leadership Program: Where It’s Taken Me

What to Consider Before and After Harvest

Proposition 65: When is a Warning Required?

FSMA and Electronic Record Keeping: Moving Beyond Paper Logs and Excel

2016 Almond Conference Presentations

Honey Bee Health Coalition

Bringing the Almond Orchard Story to Consumers

Air Quality Regulations: What You Need to Know

What to Consider: Almond Varieties

China: Importance of Origin for Growing Demand

Addressing California Water Issues

FSMA: Food Safety and Almonds

What to Consider: Almond Rootstocks

What’s Coming From Sacramento

India: Hunger for Growth

Healthy Hives: A Grower’s Role

Almond Production for the Future: The Aussie Way

Export Transportation Panel: Getting Ready for 2017

Respiratory Protection

State of the Industry

Industry Roundup

Precision Irrigation Management (part 1)

Biomass: Building a CA Economy

Driving Global Demand Beyond 2 Million Pounds

What will be Impacting the Trade and Shipment of Almonds

Precision Irrigation Management (part 2)

Biomass: Utilizing Trees and Hulls in the Orchard

Serious About Succession

Integrity Forum

Good Irrigation Water Management Practices

Research Update: Growing Almonds and Irrigation

New Almond Calorie Research

Sustainability and Almonds

Financial Options with John Deere

Managing Orchard Salinity

The Future of the North American Almond Market

Tree Physiology: How Does an Almond Tree Grow

Research Update: Pest Management and Pollination

How Almonds Became the #1 Nut in Europe

Almond Flavor, Sensory and Shelf Life

Tree Physiology: Nitrogen

Pest Management: Protecting Blooms and Bees

The Global Influence of South Korea

Tree Physiology: Young Trees and Orchard Management

Pest Management: What’s Current

Economics of Orchard Establishment and Almond Production


Almond Leadership Special Project

Pest Management: Fine Tuning Spray Efficacy

Almonds and Chocolate

2015 Almond Conference Presentations

California Almonds: The Passage to India

What's the Buzz on Bees

Characteristics of California Almonds

What are the Aussies Up to Down Under?

Air Quality Regs and Requirements

Research Update: Pollination

How Does an Almond Tree Grow?

Almond Shelf Life and Quality Preservation

Uniform Almond Export Contract: What's New

Research Update: Growing Almonds

Growing Organic

Use of Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 as a Surrogate

State of the Industry

Almond Industry Leadership: Visibility, Responsibility and Providing Next-Generation Solutions

Irrigation 1.0 Standards

Achieving Irrigation 2.0 and 3.0 Efficiencies

West Coast Ports: What Comes Next?

A European Odyssey: From Shipments to Supermarkets

Managing Orchard Salinty During and After Drought

Understanding Groundwater

What's Coming From Sacramento?

Water: What New Regulations May Mean for You

Growers Tell Their Stories to the Media - Why That Matters!

So, You Want to Validate a Process System?

Research Update: Irrigation and Growing Almonds

Groundwater Recharge: A Role for Almonds?

Grants for Growers

The Changing Landscape of Social Media

About the California Almond Sustainability Program

Crunch On: Snacking and Sustainability in North America

Soil Quality: What’s Relevant to Growing Almonds?

Postharvest Pest Management

Video: Postharvest Pest Management

Insect Pest Management Workshop

Taste the Sunshine: Bringing the Benefits of California Almonds to Chinese Consumers

Certifying Orchard Best Management Practices: How, When and Why?

Soil Pest Management: The Latest in Regs and Research

What's Up with Nickels Soil Lab Research

Managemet of Western Water Resources: Present Complexities and Future Realities

Live Life Beautifully: Almond Board's Marketing Evolution in South Korea

Almonds and Carbon Sequestration: What It Means for the Future

FSMA is Here...Let's Roll

Video: FSMA is Here...Let's Roll

Research Update: Pest Management

Export Shipments: What's Going Bump in the Night

Canker Diseases of Almond