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ABC Explores Domestic and Export Markets For Hulls


Almond hulls have long been known as a good source for animal feed. With an increasingly global economy and larger almond crop, almond hullers and shellers are looking for alternative outlets. Almond Board of California (ABC) is researching opportunities to ship hulls domestically and to export markets that may face high prices for animal feed.

Almond Board is investigating alternative markets for almond hulls, which are a good source of animal feed.

Potential export markets include China, the European Union, Korea and India. China follows India with the second-largest dairy industry in the world. Most would think these countries are the ideal markets for almond hulls; however, challenges include navigating regulatory issues such as sanitary and phytosanitary requirements, as well as government registration issues. Analytical composition, health and safety assessments, and finally nutritional-value studies are also needed to show customers why almond hulls are a better choice than other feed sources. It is recommended that exporters fully understand their customers’ needs, and ensure all product is compliant with country requirements.

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