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Almond Board Secures RAPP Funding to Expand Global Markets


In a significant boost to strengthen California almond exports, the Almond Board of California (ABC) has successfully secured $7 million in funding from the newly established Regional Agricultural Promotion Program (RAPP) provided by USDA. This funding, part of the initial $300 million tranche of the $1.2 billion program, will be instrumental in expanding market access and promoting California almonds in five international markets: India, Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil. 

The RAPP initiative, designed to bolster the competitiveness of U.S. agricultural products abroad, aims to enhance the market presence of various commodities through strategic promotional activities. The $7 million grant awarded to ABC is a testament to the collaboration between ABC’s Global Technical and Regulatory Affairs and Global Market Development teams who provided strong strategic planning during the application process.  

Clarice Turner, President and CEO of the Almond Board of California, expressed her enthusiasm about the opportunities this funding will create. "We are thankful to the current Administration for the creation of this program and are thrilled to receive this support from the Regional Agricultural Promotion Program," Turner stated. "We recognize that growers still face challenging economic times and ABC is exploring all opportunities, like this funding, that will enable the Board to accelerate demand building initiatives and open new markets for California almonds." 

India, one of the largest markets for California almonds, has seen a growing appetite for this nutritious nut, driven by increasing health consciousness among consumers. Similarly, Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil present unique opportunities for market expansion, with rising middle-class populations and evolving dietary preferences that favor healthy snacking options. 

"Securing this RAPP funding is a strategic win for the California almond industry," said Jonathan Hoff, chair of ABC’s Global Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee. "It allows us to be proactive in our approach to market development and build stronger trade relationships, ensuring that our products reach more consumers worldwide.” 

Awarded projects in the initial $300 million will receive funding over a five-year period. During that time, the Administration will also open the application process for subsequent tranches of the $1.2 billion total. ABC plans to apply for additional funding during that time and may adjust market priorities based on current conditions. Additionally, ABC is again applying for funding through the Market Access Program (MAP), a cost-share assistance program through USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, with applications due in mid-June. 

As the global demand for healthy and nutritious food continues to rise, the Almond Board of California's proactive steps, supported by the RAPP funding, will play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing the state's almond industry. This initiative underscores the importance of strategic investment in agricultural promotion to sustain and grow the market share of California almonds on the global stage.