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Almond Byte, August 2022: Fiscal Year Wrap


Fiscal Year 21/22 Second Highest Shipments on Record!

While exports got off to a slow start at the beginning of the marketing year, record monthly shipments during the last quarter resulted in the second largest volume of exports on record, despite a multitude of ongoing challenges including logistical problems, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a strong dollar and ongoing, pandemic-related lockdowns in China.

Trade has remained front and center! We continued to monitor global tariff and technical barriers, even though this Administration maintains its focus on climate, sustainability, and worker-related issues. In addition, we’ve been addressing a wide variety of market access issues in key markets (new and never-ending) including China’s Decree 248 and the EU’s drive to push their environmental and agricultural policies on trading partners via the proposed Green Deal and Farm to Fork mirror policies.

The GTRA team has been working across global markets, leveraging partnerships and fact-based data to mitigate issues that could disrupt almond shipments. As we look to FY 22/23, we are also working to identify new markets and find ways to lower barriers to trade in order to boost almond exports in the future.