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Analyzing the Impact of the "Own Your Prime" In-Store Campaign


In the realm of retail, where every placement is strategic, the collaboration between the Almond Board of California (ABC) and Coach Prime, Deion Sanders, yielded notable results. Since its launch last October, the "Own Your Prime" campaign has aimed to elevate almonds' appeal to consumers, encouraging them to own their prime. 

Earlier this year, ABC conducted an in-store element to the campaign, meeting consumers where they make their purchasing decisions. Nut isles were adorned with visuals, signage dangled from the shelves and even shopping carts featured the Own Your Prime partnership. The initiative aimed to catch the eye of shoppers and encourage consideration of almonds during their grocery trips. 

The "Own Your Prime" campaign shelf-talkers (left) and shopping cart advertising (right) met consumers where they make their purchasing decisions in four states.

The campaign was piloted in select markets: California, Colorado, Ohio and Michigan. Laura Morin, in charge of marketing in North America and China at ABC, said the data from the campaign revealed impressive results. “What we saw is that across all of those markets, when they compared the stores we were in versus the stores we were not, there was a 2.2% lift in almond dollar sales in the stores that we were in and this was in the month of November and December,” she said. “That is a significant lift when a price promotion is not included.” 

Moreover, the data showed that in three of the markets, 42% of purchasers were new to almonds, suggesting that the campaign successfully attracted new consumers to the almond category. This aspect demonstrates the campaign's effectiveness in expanding the almond consumer base. “These are people where it had never shown almonds being purchased on their loyalty card data before. So not only are we seeing a lift in sales, but that our partnership is helping us reach new users, which is hard to do.” 

The success of this campaign underscores the importance of targeted marketing efforts in influencing consumer choices. By leveraging partnerships and strategic placements, California almonds can effectively engage with their target audience and drive meaningful results.