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Call for Nominations: Almond Achievement Award & New Almond Technical Achievement Award


2019 AAA winner Rob Kiss

Every year since 2011, the Almond Achievement Award has honored an industry or allied-industry member who has added value to the California almond industry through long-term service, contributions or innovations. Nominations for this year’s Almond Achievement Award are now open and must be received by Friday, October 15.  

“The purpose of this award is to honor those who have devoted their lives to being at the forefront of our flourishing California almond industry,” said Brian Wahlbrink, chairman of the Almond Board of California (ABC). “The ideal candidate for this award is an individual who has made substantial contributions to the industry through steadfast advocacy, industry and community leadership and involvement at the Almond Board.” 

New for 2021, the Almond Technical Achievement Award will recognize an industry or allied industry member who has added significant value to the California almond industry through research, innovation or facilitated adoption of practices for the betterment of the industry.  

To nominate an individual for the Almond Achievement Award or the new Almond Technical Achievement Award, individuals are asked to complete a nomination form to help the selection panel in the scoring and final selection of the two winners. The top nominee (based on highest score) for AAA and ATAA, will be reviewed and selected by the ABC Board of Directors. The recipient of the AAA and ATAA will be announced at The Almond Conference in December. 

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