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Episode 21: Transportation Challenges with Darren Rigg


Darren Rigg is a field buyer and sales representative for Minturn Nut Company and a member of the Almond Board of California Board of Directors. Rigg, like other handlers in the industry, sees firsthand how transportation disruptions are impacting the almond supply chain. In this episode of the Almond Journey Podcast, Rigg talks about the current logistics, transportation, and shipping challenges that the industry is facing while trying to execute on the global demand for almonds.

I feel like it’s a death by a thousand cuts. It’s not any one thing that is causing it…. And anytime we feel like we get a little momentum, something occurs that takes us back down to square one.
Darren Rigg

Rigg grew up in Escalon and started his career in 2008 after graduating from Chico State. He joined Minturn Nut in 2017 where he manages sales and procurement of almonds including managing call pools, buyer and seller accounts, and developing new business.

In Today’s episode:

  • Meet Darren Rigg, a field buyer and sales rep with Minturn Nut and Board Member for the Almond Board of California.
  • Discover what impacts handlers are experiencing from transportation disruptions
  • Explore the global almond market and how the industry is getting through the challenges they are facing.
It’s made us be a lot more in tune with who are logistics partners are…. If things get smoothed out, if anything, we should be more equipped…we should be able to get ourselves out of pickles a little more quickly the next time. We hope there will be some residual value from this, even though it has been miserable as hell.
Darren Rigg
ABC Update

Around 70% of all California almonds are exported, and there are a number of factors causing backlogs and working against the handlers who are trying to get those almonds shipped. Almond Board of California Senior Analyst for Government Relations Brock Densel said to understand the economic impacts of these issues at the handler level, they conducted a handler survey. He said the survey results can be summed up in three categories: shipping costs, administrative costs and storage costs.


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