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Episode 26: California Almonds and ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ with Brian Wahlbrink


In this episode of the Almond Journey Podcast, we head east of Modesto to the town of Denair to visit with Brian Wahlbrink of Sperry Farms. Wahlbrink grows almonds with his brother-in-law, Wes Sperry, on their 5th generation farming operation. As many in the industry now, Wahlbrink is also the current chairman of the Almond Board of California (ABC).

Wahlbrink shares about his unique journey that led him to almonds, his long tenure on the Global Market Development Committee, keeping up with marketing a rapidly growing crop and an exciting new partnership with Marvel that positions almonds with the health and wellness journey of Thor in the recently released movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor is actually one of the larger characters in Marvel with a huge following. And he goes on a journey, kind of a health and wellness journey. We just thought the fit was perfect with almonds.
Brian Wahlbrink
In Today’s episode:
  • Get to know ABC Chairman Brian Wahlbrink and his journey to the almond industry
  • Learn about the evolution of almond promotion programs over time
  • Discover ABC’s new partnership with Marvel and why it’s a great fit for almonds
  • Understand market development opportunities like the Marvel partnership, and what this means for the almond industry
ABC Update:

Thor: Love and Thunder hit theaters on Friday, July 8 and California almonds had a rare opportunity to be a part of this event. Almond Board of California Vice President of Global Market Development Emily Fleischmann shares details of this unique strategic partnership and why it matters for the almond industry.

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