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Episode 3: Dave Phippen: Investing in the Future of the Almond Industry

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On today’s episode we visit with Dave Phippen of Travaille & Phippen. Travaille & Phippen is a partnership that started with a family of almond growers and vertically integrated over time. As his father moved towards retirement from their almond and winegrape operation, Dave and his brother Scott took over. Spotting an opportunity in almond hulling, their cousin Bud Travaille joined Dave and Scott to form Travaille & Phippen.

“As we hulled and shelled product for other growers, I learned that there were other growers that were actually doing a better job than I was, getting more production per acre. We quickly went to be introduced to those growers and learned what they're doing that we weren't doing. And we became better growers.” - Dave Phippen

For Dave, his perspective of what’s possible really changed when he got involved with the leadership of the Almond Board. Dave shares more of the insights he has collected in his journey from grower to huller to sheller to processor.

“The only impediment to moving more almonds into the global markets was the grower's ability and desire to fund the research and development of those markets. That changed my scope and my imagination to what the almond industry in California could really do because it places it back in grower hands.” - Dave Phippen

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