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Episode 31: Automation in the Orchard with Jarred Greene


Almond grower Jarred Greene didn’t always know he would end up pursuing farming as a career. In 2013, Greene took a summer internship with his current employer, San Juan Ranch, part of Nickel Family Farms. That led him on a journey from washing shop windows to irrigation scheduling to farm management. In this episode, Greene shares insights on where automation fits into an almond operation, especially in the areas oof irrigation and spraying.

We have irrigators out there. We’re not trying to replace them. We’re trying to achieve more with less. So how can you keep that person but enable him to do a little bit more with his time than he was able to do five or ten years ago?
Jarred Greene
In Today’s episode:
  • Meet almond grower Jarred Greene and discover his journey to almond production in Firebaugh, California
  • Explore the opportunities, benefits and perspectives of implementing automation in an almond orchard
  • Learn about the increased efficiency and the many benefits Greene has found with irrigation and spraying automation
ABC Update

Almond Board Associate Director of Agricultural Research Sebastian Saa has assembled a group of researchers on behalf of the industry to coordinate a collaborative effort called Tree Crop Remote Sensing of Evapotranspiration Experiment (T-REX). Along with this effort to give growers a clear picture of actual ET, the Almond Board is supporting research on yield prediction and estimation. The hope is that this can help to make sure growers are meeting the water needs of the tree efficiently and precisely.

What our portfolio will focus on is to define when to irrigate, how much to irrigate, where to irrigate – and at the end of the day – how to irrigate…They are developing and enabling the technology to visualize how much our trees are actually transpiring at a high-resolution level.
Sebastian Saa
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