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Episode 4: Joe Gardiner: The Almond Value Chain

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In this episode, we visit with Joe Gardiner, sales manager at Treehouse Almonds and partner at Gardiner Farms and Pacific Ag Land Management. These experiences give Joe a full value chain perspective of the almond industry, and his passion for the future of the industry has brought new ideas and perspectives to the Almond Board.

“I love this industry. I think there's a huge group of amazing people that all work their tails off trying to do things the right way. There's a lot of blue sky ahead, but it doesn't come without some turbulent air.” - Joe Gardiner

The Gardiner family provides a great example of the interconnectedness of the almond industry with ventures in beekeeping, processing, marketing and producing almonds.

“We’re all definitely connected, heavily reliant on each other but out of each other’s way on day-to day-business,” says Joe.

“If we keep these farms healthy, keep a strong return back to the growers, keep them plugging along then the handlers are going to do well, the shipping companies are going to do well, the chemical companies will do well, and the bee companies will do well. It really comes back to that. Farming is the base of this industry. It's not the other way around,” Joe said.

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