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Episode 52: Employee Engagement with Jonnalee Dunn


Almond grower Jonnalee Dunn joins the Journey from Arbuckle, California. Dunn is the growth and development manager at Henderson Farms, which is a 52-person company that farms around 5,000 acres in Northern California. Dunn and her husband also own 120 acres of their own. In today’s episode, Dunn discusses why Henderson Farms prioritizes employee growth and development and how they carry out their company's core values every day.

Our huller was significantly impacted by the freeze (in 2022), and that affects everybody. But we can still come to work trying new innovative ways of doing things. We can still come to work valuing each other.
Jonnalee Dunn

In Today’s episode:

  • Meet almond grower Jonnalee Dunn and explore the Henderson Farms' operation
  • Discover the beginning of Henderson Farms and how it has expanded and grown over the years
  • Explore Henderson Farms’ core values and how they continue to focus on them

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