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Episode 60: How to Plant a Tree and Orchard Recycling Update with Brent Holtz


Tree planting is a tremendous investment. The details of how to plant an orchard properly can have a big impact on the bottom line. In today’s episode, Dr. Brent Holtz explains the reasons that he regularly receives calls from growers about their young trees dying. These problems led Holtz to work with the Almond Board of California to create a video in both English and Spanish to highlight the most important planting considerations for both farmers and farm laborers. Holtz has been a farm advisor with University of California Cooperative Extension for about 30 years. He serves as the orchard systems and pomology advisor for San Joaquin County. In addition to tree planting, Holtz discusses some of the latest updates in his many years of work in whole orchard recycling, and why he sees a need to add a tree pruning educational video in the future. 

Young tree death is probably one of the highest situations that I'm called out to as a farm advisor throughout my career. Talking to the almond board folks, that was a message that wasn't getting out and that's what led to the discussion that we need a video.
Brent Holtz

In Today’s episode:

  • Meet Dr. Brent Holtz, a farm advisor with University of California Cooperative Extension for about 30 years
  • Explore the value offered in the new video highlighting the biggest concerns and issues related to tree planting
  • Learn the latest nitrogen consideration if you are replanting trees after whole orchard recycling

The Spanish version of the tree planting video will be available later this year and both videos can be found on the Almond Board of California YouTube page under the California Almond Growers Education playlist.

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