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Leveraging Beauty Influencers in China



Although the California almond industry has experienced an uneven trade landscape and reduced shipments to China, the market continues to be the fourth largest export market for the industry. As such, the Almond Board of California (ABC) continues to believe in the long-term growth potential in this market.

When it comes to best understanding Chinese consumers and what they look for in their food, once key insight is that Chinese women are never off the clock when it comes to beauty – they are constantly on the hunt for new products or techniques to improve their skin’s appearance and overall glow.

Putting insight into action, the Almond Board’s Global Marketing Development (GMD) team in China is positioning almonds as a “beauty food,” showing Chinese female consumers how almonds can be used as a daily snack that delivers on beauty from the inside out.

To further deliver this message to consumers, the Almond Board launched a new program in September called “The Skin Experts.” During this program, ABC hosted a live video streaming session that featured several key influencers: two dermatologists, a nutritionist and famous beauty blogger. ABC leveraged these influencers’ credibility and influence in skin health to share how almonds deliver on beauty, and the influencers encouraged viewers to add one additional step to their skincare routine – eating a handful of almonds each day.

This campaign is reaching millions of Chinese consumers online, giving them a superior reason to believe in the beauty power of California almonds. Initial results from the live-stream session show that the program has gained over 13 million views and 10,000 consumer comments. The session is also available via video-on-demand, allow it to reach an additional one million consumers.

This campaign will continue to run through October 2020.

Those interested to learn more about ABC’s marketing efforts in China are encouraged to attend The Almond Conference 2020, held in a virtual conference setting Dec. 8-10. During the conference, ABC’s GMD team will provide more information on this campaign as well as other initiatives taking place in markets around the globe, painting a clear picture of ABC’s strategy and hard work in continuing to build long-term demand globally.

Stay tuned for more information about The Almond Conference agenda and sessions, as well as opportunities to connect with ABC’s GMD team and other staff. Be sure to visit to register for this year’s event and stay up-to-date on the latest conference developments.

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