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Snacking Matriarch Promotes Almonds in Germany


The Almond Board of California launched a new marketing campaign in the German market this August. Germany is the largest economy in Europe and has an almond-per-capita consumption that is tied with the U.S. at 2.27 lbs. The campaign – The Mother of All Snacks – repositions almonds from a baking ingredient to a snack, providing a daily dose of natural goodness for health and wellness-conscious Germans.

There is strong momentum in the German market, which constitutes 25 percent of Europe's gross domestic market (GDP) and is home to 19 percent of the total European Union (EU) population. Almond shipments to the country totaled over 10 million pounds in 2017 and 2018, prior to the COVID pandemic. Germany shipment numbers have rebounded post-COVID and eclipsed the 14 million pound number in 2023.

While recent global developments such as the pandemic, the war in the Ukraine and economic challenges have caused uncertainties across Europe, the German market is known for stability as well as resilience and there is still much opportunity for growth in almond consumption. 

Less oven, more handfuls

The new campaign builds on insight that Germans are looking for a healthy and natural snack in a market where power bars, protein products and supplements are booming. Almonds are often overlooked, seen primarily as a baking ingredient. The new campaign aims to change this perception and capitalize on the fact that almonds are among the longest-cultivated plants in the world. From health benefits to portion size, they naturally have the attributes that are valued by German consumers.

About the campaign

This campaign is set in Mother Nature’s paradise and shows how even Mother Nature’s day can go off the rails. And when it does, she turns to the natural power of almonds to refocus, reset and take back her day. The tone is modern, bright and humorous, and highlights the natural, energizing attributes of almonds.

The campaign is targeted towards women who believe food should be exciting, convenient and healthy. German consumers also really care about the earth as well as sustainability and the more they learn about how almonds are grown, the better they feel about eating them.

The Mother of All Snacks campaign launched August 21 across TV, social and digital media. Also, the Bring! mobile shopping app will connect almonds directly to users with digital shopping lists via their mobile devices. The campaign will be accompanied by various public relations activities such as media outreach and partnerships as well as working with a variety of social media influencers. All media will link to an online webpage which will act as a source of information on the campaign, almond health & nutrition and sustainability efforts by the Almond Board and highlight dedicated partnerships and influencers.