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Time to Update Your Mailing Address for Upcoming Election


In the vast landscape of almond cultivation, your voice matters. As the Almond Board of California (ABC) gears up for its annual Board of Directors election, it is crucial for almond growers to take a moment and ensure that their physical mailing address is up to date with their handler. ABC uses handler’s grower lists to mail printed ballots for the election.  

The election cycle kicks off on February 9, marking the opening of the candidate declaration window. This window provides almond growers with the opportunity to step forward and have influence in the almond industry. Two Independent Grower and two Independent Handler positions are open for the 2024-2025 elections. 

Come April 1, the candidate declaration window closes, and it's the last day for ABC to receive Letters of Intent and Grower Petitions. Almond growers interested in shaping the future of the industry should make sure to submit their documents before this deadline. 

On April 22, ABC will mail ballots to independent growers and handlers, beginning the election voting period. It is imperative that your mailing address is accurate to ensure you receive your ballot. The voting window extends until May 23.  

The election results will be announced on June 1, and by August 1, the new terms of office will begin, shaping the direction of the Almond Board of California. 

ABC emphasizes inclusivity and encourages eligible women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities to contemplate running for a position on the Board of Directors. The belief is that diversity across all spectrums contributes to the betterment of almond growers and the communities they serve. 

To stay informed about open positions, election policies and frequently asked questions, visit Ensure your mailing address is updated, and let your voice be heard in the upcoming Almond Board of California's Board of Directors election.