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Finding Bees

Bee Where Program

California law requires beekeepers to register bees with their local County Agricultural Commissioners. The BeeWhere program allows beekeepers to do just that in a simple manner.

BeeWhere is a collaborative initiative to bring beekeepers and pesticide applicators together to share best practices by tracking and safeguarding hive locations across California using innovative mapping tools. Beekeepers are encouraged to register their hives through the BeeWhere program, which allows them to mark hives with a pin drop in the orchard via a mobile app.

This program integrates with Crop Management tools like Agrian and CDMS that are used by PCAs, growers and licensed applicators in the state. These tools interface with BeeWhere to access the general number of hives within a mile of the permit when a PCA is considering a pesticide for crop management and allow applicators more in-depth access to hive locations for 48-hour notification purposes.

Tools & Resources
Looking for Beekeepers or Bee Brokers?

Our industry directory has a database of beekeepers and brokers to help you get your orchard pollinated.

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