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The Irrigation Calculator

The Irrigation Calculator helps you evaluate your irrigation schedule. 

The Irrigation Calculator supports the practices in the Irrigation Continuum and generates irrigation schedules and run times that advise on the amount and timing of irrigation based on local evapotranspiration (ET) and information about an individual grower’s orchard and irrigation system.

Linked to the nearest CIMIS station, the Irrigation Calculator tool automatically integrates current weather information with ET, allowing growers to better calculate their orchards’ irrigation water requirement. The Irrigation Calculator can be accessed on the California Almond Stewardship Platform website and is referenced throughout the Almond Irrigation Continuum.

The scheduling tool can store data for each orchard block and the information is completely private. All almond growers can use the Calculator to create irrigation schedules; however, growers must participate in the California Almond Stewardship Platform to access the Calculator’s data storage feature, which saves the need to re-enter data when making revisions during the growing season. Data can be printed or displayed as a PDF file or exported into a database.

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California Almond Stewardship Platform website.