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Export Requirements

Almonds are faced with a variety of market challenges, from tariffs to technical barriers, legislative requirements, evolving market demands, and more. 

Tariffs and Duties

Import requirements around the world are always changing. Please view the updated Summary of Applied Tariffs and Other Trade Measures Applicable to US Almonds. 

*Latest information for China as of February 14, 2020

Pre-Export Check Program 

The Pre-Export Check program was recognized by the European Union on August 1, 2015.  Currently, almonds are the only U.S. commodity included under this regulation. Consignments shipped to the European Union, accompanied by a Pre-Export Check certificate will be subject to less than 1% import controls. As a direct result of industry participation in this program, aflatoxin detections for consignments shipped to the European Union have fallen to all-time record lows.  

Click here to learn more about the Pre-Export Check program.

Aflatoxin Requirements

Aflatoxin requirements are not standardized and can vary from country to country. Almond Board of California has created a Factsheet that lists aflatoxin requirements by country. Please click here to access the International Aflatoxin Tolerances Factsheet.

Phytosanitary Requirements

Many countries have phytosanitary requirements that may include fumigation, documentation, etc.  Phyto certificates are issued based on the requirements outlined by USDA/APHIS. 

Click here to access the Phytosanitary Export Database (PExD)

Global Maximum Residue Level Database

The International Maximum Residue Level (MRL) Database provides a list of MRL tolerances by active ingredient and export market. This database is free to all US users. 

Click Here to access the Global MRL database. 

Free Trade Agreements

All free trade agreements can be found on the U.S. Trade Representative web page.

click here for more information.  

A number of Free Trade Agreements have either recently be concluded or are under negotiation.  These include:

  • China Phase 1
  • Japan Phase 1