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Tools for the Food Professional

A trove of PDFs, links, and other resources for the manufacturer and the chef. From almond innovation and inspiration to nutrition and supply, and much more, this section compiles all the research and information food professionals need to know about almonds in one place.
Almond Innovation

Almond demand is exploding. Find all the latest almond product innovations to hit the market. And stats to help you do the same.

Almond Quality & Safety

We've got almonds down to a science. Discover information on everything from almond standards and varieties, to storage and handling.

Almond Nutrition

Crunchy, delicious and nutritious. Dive into the scientific almond nutrition and composition data that make almonds the total package.

Almond Category Demand

Consumers' taste buds and the crunchy taste of almonds are a match made in flavor heaven. Explore consumer demand for almonds in chocolate, snacks, bars, cereal and other emerging categories.

Almond Snacking

Snacking across categories. Get information on the latest snacking trends, as well as how almonds can be an ideal ingredient in any snacking function, concept or daypart.

Almond Sustainability

Farming for the future. Learn how the California almond community measures sustainability progress in key focus areas, as well as how industry best practices can support supply chain transparency.