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16 Days of Almonds

Treat yourself to some TLC this National Almond Day by adding #almonds to your self-care routine.


Level-Up Your Self-Care Routine on National Almond Day!

Simple solutions start with you. Treat your soul to some TLC this National Almond Day by adding #almonds to your self-care routine. Whether that means tackling a hard core fitness workout or relaxing at home, adding almonds to the mix can help fuel a better you.

  1. Here's a fun fact we all love: Almonds have 6g of #plantbased protein per serving
  2. Almonds + popcorn = midday snack break hacked! You're welcome
  3. DYK? Almonds are an excellent source of Vitamin E! 
  4. Need help with your distance learning? Remember: 1-2-3. 1 serving = 23 almonds
  5. Breakfast is almost ready! Sprinkle almonds on oatmeal for added energy!
  6. DYK? Almonds have 4g of fiber per serving Yum!  Craving crunch at lunch?
  7. Trade in your chips for a handful of savory-flavored almonds! 
  8. Fuel good, feel good with almonds' 6g of #plantbased protein
  9. Almonds - the snack that's packed! Eat almonds to get more of the nutrients your body craves.
  10. Timing is everything! Waiting too long to snack could lead to overindulging later.
  11. 23 almonds a day keeps the doctors away!
  12. Need a hardcore recovery snack to match your workout? WE GOT YOU. Almonds have 6g of hunger-busting protein that makes for a great afternoon snack.
  13. Sad, drab salad? Plus-up your greens with the satiating crunch of almonds!
  14. Fuel the best you this #VDay and nurture your body from within. ️ Developing healthy habits gets you one step closer to that #selflove you're looking for!
  15. Have courage. Be spontaneous. Take risks. Almonds provide you with the energy you need to fuel your next great adventure! 6g of protein in every serving
  16. Grab a handful of almonds and fuel a better YOU.
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