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Almond Essentials Podcast Series

The Almond Board of California (ABC) has launched a podcast series, Almond Essentials, in partnership with Prepared Foods.


Almond Essentials Podcast

Each episode in this three-part series explore the latest research from ABC, sustainable farming practices and almond recipe inspiration. Key themes include:


  • What attributes and qualities make almonds an ideal ingredient, a longstanding consumer favorite and the #1 nut in new product development globally?
  • How do growers ensure the almond crop is grown safely and sustainably?
  • What almond recipe concepts can people anticipate at IFT20 Annual Meeting + Food Expo?

Stay tuned as the brief 7-10 minute episodes become available throughout the year.

Food Inspiration
Episode 1: The Crunch Consumers Crave

With more forms than any other tree nut, almonds offer endless application techniques to achieve various textures and flavors in product development. To kick off Almond Essentials, Harbinder Maan, Associate Director, Trade Marketing & Stewardship, shares the latest consumer research, trends and insights, highlighting what’s on the horizon for the almond industry.

Food Inspiration
Episode 2: Sustainability in a Nut Shell

The almond community works to continuously improve resource management, always keeping the environment and future generations in mind. Learn about the best almond-growing sustainability practices and considerations at play— in the orchard and beyond— directly from a California almond farmer.

Food Inpiration
Episode 3: Unwrapping Snack Solutions

According to Innova Market Insights, almonds are the number one nut in global new product introductions. Available in more forms than any other tree nut, almonds provide endless texture and flavor potential across snacking categories. From bars and bites, to flavored beverages and spreads, Chef Rob Corliss, owner of the culinary consultancy All Things Epicurean, will share forward-thinking snack product inspiration to his latest batch of almond-centric recipes.