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Almond Power in Plant-Based Dishes

As the demand for delicious and nutritious plant-based dishes continues to increase, learn how almonds can be your go-to ingredient to add protein and a healthy halo to any creation.


The Perfect Plant Protein Pairing

Protein from plant sources comes with a wide range of benefits, including higher fiber levels and lower levels of fat and cholesterol. Many plant-based foods, such as nuts, beans, grains, rice, vegetables and legumes can be paired with other plant protein sources to deliver a complete protein package with all nine amino acids – these can be called complementary plant proteins.

Learn more about complementary plant proteins and suggested pairings here.

Almond Forms in Action

With over 14 forms available, incorporating almonds into your creations doesn’t have to be difficult. Listen to Chef Christine Farkas of iHeart Food Consulting review the various forms of almonds and how to utilize them as a complementary protein for plant-based concepts.

Chef Christine Almonds Protein Power: Complete your Plant-Based Concept

Recipe Inspiration: Complementary Proteins in Action

Now let’s bring this all to life! Get inspired by almonds as Chef Christine Farkas demonstrates the following three plant-based recipes that span the beverage, snack and bowl categories.

Almonds Protein Power in Action: Recipe Demonstration with Chef Christine Farkas

For a deeper dive on how Chef Christine Farkas formulates with almonds for complementary plant proteins, click here.
Recipe Inspiration
Almond Crumble Bowl with Kimchi Almond Sauce Recipe

Recipe Inspiration
Zesty Garden Almond Gazpacho

Recipe Inspiration
Banana “Nut” Bread Smoothie