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BBC Future Reports on Water-Saving Tech Used by California Almond Farmers


What do NASA, almonds, JJ Ramberg and microsprinklers have in common? Each feature in the latest episode of BBC’s Follow the Food series, which focuses on water and profiles “innovators making extraordinary strides in protecting this finite resource.”

With interviews from the Almond Board’s senior manager of irrigation and water efficiency, Spencer Cooper and UC Davis researcher Daniele Zaccaria, the segment explores the practices almond farmers have already put in place to conserve water and the new technology being tested to further increase efficiency. Water-saving technologies and improved almond production practices have helped farmers reduce the amount of water it takes to grow each almond by 33 percent over the past 20 years. What’s more, the California almond community commits to an additional 20 percent reduction by 2025.

Watch this video from BBC Future’s series Follow the Food to learn more about how California almond farmers are using technological innovations and modern agriculture practices to rise to the challenge of using water more responsibly and efficiently.

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