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Your Road to Wellness with Heidi Kristoffer

Tap into the Power of Mindfulness with Yoga and Wellness Expert Heidi Kristoffer


Let’s be real – we’re all looking for ways to hit refresh on our daily routines. From virtual fatigue to pending holiday plans to just overall inconsistency we’re currently facing, the practice of mindfulness is in demand now more than ever, and we have an expert that can help guide you to your own road to wellness!

Queue Heidi Kristoffer – a yoga instructor, wellness expert, and mom of three who’s committed to flexibility, adaptability, and flipping perspective. Heidi is devoted to saying no to stress, which often means thinking things through and reframing her outlook on life. With the last few months still feeling so “out-of-the-ordinary,” she understands and teaches that finding harmony between the body, mind and soul is an important first step we need to take to be at ease. The road to wellness begins with the power of mindfulness, where we fuel our bodies with the right foods, take care of our minds with deep breaths, and replenish our souls with a little TLC and self-care.

We’ve Between being a mom to three tiny humans, creating and releasing new content for my CrossFlow Yoga app every week, hosting my podcast, managing my other businesses, and practicing yoga regularly – my day-to-day can be quite a balancing act. I find it really helpful to have almonds within arm’s reach to help satiate my hunger and provide magnesium, which aids in the production of energy in the body, to give me the stamina to take on the day.
Heidi Kristoffer

Here are some of Heidi’s best tips to help you refresh and CTRL/ALT/DELETE when necessary to get healthy, be happy, and enjoy life.

Mindful Tips from Heidi Kristoffer

If you’re looking for ways to elevate your holistic wellness ritual, Kristoffer shares a few tips on how to stay flexible (physically and mentally!), infuse almonds and wellness into your life, and keep a healthy life balance to feel good, always.

1. Make the minutes count.

It’s important to dedicate time for daily movement and healthy eating. Between a packed work schedule and taking care of the whole family, simply taking ten minutes to stretch, walk, or snack on a handful of almonds during a break improves your mood instantly and elevates your energy levels to tackle the rest of your day. Penciling in time for yourself to stay energized is one of my favorite wellness rituals.

2. Be flexible.

Having a flexible mindset is key for a healthy lifestyle. Our lives are constantly being adjusted so being nimble and ready to pivot when needed is crucial. Give yourself permission to let go of control and learn how to adapt when curveballs are thrown your way. PLUS – as a mom to three kids, flexibility involves food too. When my schedule is extra busy and I don’t have time for full meal, I keep almonds on-hand; they’re the perfect on-the-go snack for me and my kids.

3. Food is fuel.

It’s important to fuel yourself with easy yet delicious foods that give your meals purpose. Whether I’m filming yoga flows, recording my podcast or just on mom-duty, I start my days especially early. So, having a routine when it comes to meals and snacking has been a game-changer. I love making my own snacks, like my Power-Up Green Smoothie or my Cherry Almond Granola Bake. They satisfy my salty and sweet tooth at the same time. Incorporating almonds into these snacks provides nutrients like 6g of protein, 4g of fiber, 13g of unsaturated fat and only 1g of saturated fat per serving, so adding them to my recipes boosts my body’s energy levels and keeps me full throughout the day.

4. Believe to achieve.

You must believe you can before you will, and only you have the power to get where YOU want to be. No journey will ever be perfect but when you are clear about goals, you will be able to get there! It’s easy to get bogged down in the everyday minutiae but remaining grounded about what your destination is will ensure you will not be lost. Remind yourself (yes, talk to yourself out loud!) that you are more capable than you think you are.

5. It’s all about BALANCE.

Wellness and health come down to being balanced. Some days you have time to make super healthy intricate recipes, and sometimes you don’t. Be OK with simple meals and snacks on the go when you can’t sit down for a multi-course meal made from scratch. I keep my almond tin with me at all times for just that reason. While almonds are beautiful in my humble opinion, not every meal and snack has to be Insta-worthy. BALANCE!

6. Self-care isn’t selfish.

In order to take care of others, we first must take care of ourselves. Never compromise your own mental or physical well-being for another’s. If you have a breakdown, or break a part of you, how are you going to help the people that you so dearly want to help? Self-care isn’t selfish; self-care actually helps you help more people (while helping yourself and reminding yourself that you too are worthy of your own love and affection). The airplane announcement got it right: put your oxygen mask on first.