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Economic Impact

Is farming important to the economy?

Here’s how we support our local communities.

Creating 110,000 jobs.

From farms and processing facilities all the way to irrigation supply salespeople, researchers, and port workers, the California almond industry creates a lot of jobs. What’s more, many of those are in California’s Central Valley — an area long plagued with high unemployment.

According to a study from the University of California’s Agricultural Issues Center, the California almond community supports California’s economic well-being by generating over 110,000 jobs statewide. Of those jobs, 102,500 are located within California’s Central Valley.1 To put that into perspective, that's around how many people are employed by Proctor + Gamble, Chipotle, or Delta Airlines.

These jobs are generated across multiple industries resulting in more than $19.6 billion gross revenue across all industries in California, adding about $9.2 billion dollars to the size of the state’s total economy.1

Economy Building

  • Add $9.2 billion annually to California's economy.
  • Provide 110,000 jobs across California, 102,500 of which are in the Central Valley.
  • Are part of the fabric of their local communities, supporting local schools, businesses, and civic and religious organizations.
  • Giving back.

    California almond farmers and processors are part of the fabric of their communities, serving on local boards, supporting schools and businesses as well as civic and religious organizations. As a way to give back, 80% of California almond farmers and processors participate in organizations, programs or boards that support community well-being.2

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