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What Guides Us

Rooted in science and research.

When you grow a healthy food people love, you have to do it right.

Growing innovation through research.

Since 1973, the Almond Board of California has supported more than 700 independent research projects on the industry’s behalf, helping California almond farmers and processors provide almond lovers around the world with a safe, wholesome, and sustainable food. Working with leading universities and experts, this research spans tree and soil health, pest and nutrient management, water use and quality, air quality, energy, zero waste, and pollinator health with the goal of improving yields, farming practices and sustainability.

Collaborating with university extension programs, nonprofit partners and others, Almond Board staff work to ensure the results of these projects reach farmers and help inform their practices. One of the ways we do that is by translating research findings into actionable and field-ready recommendations, shared with farmers and processors through educational resources and on-farm workshops.

A platform for continuous improvement.

California Almond Sustainability Program logoEstablished in 2009, the California Almond Stewardship Platform (CASP) is a voluntary self-assessment tool that integrates research and education. Almond farmers and processors answer questions about their practices across a variety of topics and can use the results to compare their practices to state averages as well as identify potential optimizations in their own operations.

In addition, the aggregated data provides a big-picture look at how California almonds are grown, industry progress in key stewardship metrics, the adoption of best practices, and opportunities for improvement.

To date, 46% of California’s productive almond acreage has been assessed through CASP.1

Our Heritage of Sustainability

1 California Almond Stewardship Platform. November 2023.