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Snack For Life

Almonds might be the world’s most perfect snack. With their subtle, buttery flavor and versatility, they can easily be eaten by themselves or as part of a mix. Each serving can satiate you and give you a jumpstart no matter what situation or time of day.

23 almonds a day.  

Just one crunchy handful of almonds is a satisfying way to load up on important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to dominate every hour. Allow us to elaborate on almond nutrition…

  • Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium and manganese, and a good source of fiber, copper, phosphorous and riboflavin.
  • A one-ounce serving has 13 grams of “good” unsaturated fats, just 1 gram of saturated fat and is always cholesterol free.1

When compared ounce for ounce, almonds are the tree nut highest in protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin.

Just remember 1-2-3. 1 ounce of almonds, or about 23 almond nuts, is the ideal daily portion recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. And if you’re not a big counter, think of it as a handful and snack on. 

Almond Combos
Almond Bar

The perfect portion.

Imagine it: you’re out in the world, and a hunger pang hits.  California Almonds  to the rescue. You can even make sure you have the right amount to get you through it all with the “perfect portion tin.”

Fitting approximately 23 almonds   the daily suggested serving size   our almond tin is a handy carrying case to keep you owning it all day long.

New snack tin.

A lime.

 An ice cream scoop. Sweet.

A small spice jar.

A ¼-cup measuring cup. Everyone`s got one.

A 3" x 3" sticky note. Note to self.

A scale.

Almond snacking situations all day long. 

No matter what the situation almonds can provide the right solution.

“The Recovery” 
Worked out hard this morning? Give yourself a hardcore protein snack to match. A handful of almonds makes the perfect post-“feel-the-burn” recovery snack. 

“The Morning Prep” 
Take your oatmeal from “meh” to “mmm” by sprinkling on some almonds. Whole, slivered, sliced—any almond form will do. 

“The Crunch-Time Rush” 
Skipping breakfast? Puh-lease. Snack on a handful of almonds in the car on your way to work. They’ll help you feel full and satisfied as you take on the day (and the traffic). Almonds also make healthy snacks for work. 

“The Mid-Morning Battle” 
Show that vending machine it’s not the boss of you by trading B4, C5 and D11 for a handful of almonds instead. Just keep a jar in your desk drawer for easy access. 

“The Salad Plus-Up” 
Sure, sure — salads are crunchy and refreshing, but adding almonds turns them into a real treat. Just picture it: that light, buttery, nutty flavor atop your favorite greens and veggies. 

“The Chip Switch” 
Crave crunch at lunch? Almonds can satisfy that. Trade in your chips for a handful of savory flavored almonds like chipotle roasted, wasabi or dry roasted. 

“The Afternoon Lull” 
Two more hours until dinner? That’s nuts. Instead of dipping into your secret stash of “emergency only” chocolate, grab a handful of almonds to power you through the PM. 

“The On-the-Goer” 
Errands and shuttling the kids around can really ramp up the hunger. Keep an almond stash in your purse (almond tin, anyone?) to kick those on-the-go grumbles to the curb. 

“The Trail Mixer” 
If you like a variety of textures in a healthy snack, make your own perfect combo with almonds as part of the mix. Dried fruit, chocolate chips, coconut shavings—get creative. 

“The Late-Nighter” 
Guilt trips, be gone. Almonds can help you crush (or crunch, rather) those late-night cravings. Choose chocolate almonds or sprinkle almond slivers over low-fat frozen yogurt. 


Almond Basics
Almonds come in many forms.

Check out our how-to area for Almond Basics where we provide tips to make and use popular almond forms like milk, butter, and flour.

Tools & Resources
Are you a dietitian or other health professional?

We work closely with dietitians and other health professionals as we research the health benefits of snacking almonds. Check out our Dietitian Tools for all the ways almonds fit in healthy dietary patterns.