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ABC Continues Commitment to Research with New $4.7M Investment

Happy National Almond Day and National Innovation Day! This is the perfect occasion to announce that the Almond Board of California (ABC) is investing $4.7 million in 82 independent, third-party research projects exploring next-generation… Read more

Using Everything the Orchard Grows: Our Commitment to Zero Waste

Did you know that in addition to the almond kernels we love to eat, almond trees also grow “coproducts”? This includes hulls and shells that protect the nut during its development, as well as the woody biomass of the tree itself. … Read more

The California Almond Community Partners for the Future

The success of the California Almond community relies upon many people in many different roles. From almond farmers and processors, to equipment manufacturers and environmentalists, all contribute to a sustainable future for California… Read more

Almond Industry is Leader in Sustainable Farming and Groundwater Research

Farming has been a family business for ages, and California’s many multigenerational almond farms are no different. Farmers want to pass their land and legacy on to their children and grandchildren, and in order to ensure that productive… Read more

A Year in Review: The Almond Board of California

As we finish up the 2016 almond harvest, we are embarking on what we call a new “crop year” – meaning the time from harvest to harvest. The past crop year of Aug. 2015 – Aug. 2016, saw more than 1.8 billion pounds of almonds, 3.7 billion… Read more

Almond Board Explores Alternative Uses of Almond Byproducts

As you may know, the almond is made up of three parts; the hull, the shell, and the kernel. Californian almond growers use all three parts of the almond as a part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability. In addition to the kernel we… Read more

Almond Board Expands Whole Almond Orchard Recycling Research

Almond Board of California is currently funding research on how best to recycle almond trees’ various coproducts – hulls, shells and woody material in an impactful way. Through this research, California almond growers are learning about… Read more

California Delegates Get First-Hand Look At Israel’s Agricultural and Water-Saving Innovations

Since the introduction of modern drip irrigation systems at a desert kibbutz in the early 1960s by water engineer Simcha Blass, Israel has emerged as one of the most climate-smart agricultural regions in the world. To get a first-hand… Read more

New Irrigation Tool Increases Efficiency, Helps Growers Streamline Decision-making

Water efficiency is a priority for California almond growers, who know first-hand how vital, and at times scarce, this resource can be. That’s why Almond Board of California (ABC) developed an Irrigation Calculator which automatically… Read more

Almond Board Expands Groundwater Recharge Program with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Partnership

Almond Board of California and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) recently announced a new partnership focused on better understanding subsurface water storage, quality and movement in relation to almond orchard… Read more