Blog Archives for: March 2016

Almond Board's Nutrition Research Program

We were pleased recently to see a blog entry from Dr. Catherine Woteki, USDA Chief Scientist and Under Secretary for Research, Education & Economics, about the new National Nutrition Research Roadmap that was released on March 4 by the… Read more

Honey Bees Use 'Bee Pastures' Planted by Almond Farmers As Almond Pollination Winds Down

By the time petals fall from almond blossoms, the nectar and pollen that honey bees collect and spread from flower to flower to pollinate the crop are gone.  So as the almond bloom draws to a close, beekeepers arrive to remove their… Read more

National Ag Day Celebrates Contribution of Farmers To Life in America and the World

Almond Board at "Ag Day at the Capitol"California’s 6,800 almond growers joined our state’s more than 80,000 farms and ranches to mark National Ag Day on March 15, recognizing and celebrating all the contributions agriculture makes to… Read more

Almond Farmers Recognized for Innovation, Leadership

Multiple generations of almond farmers have produced not only multiple crops of California Almonds, but also innovative leaders. The latest “crop” of leaders is represented by Daniel Bays and Matthew Efird. These fifth-generation almond… Read more

Almond Board of California Embraces Leadership Role and Plans for the Future

The Almond Board of California is keeping sharp focus on the strategic priorities that drive our industry forward and that fully embrace our leadership role in California agriculture. The Board of Directors held a strategic retreat in… Read more